President Faure attends Festival Kreol gala performance


(Posted 29th October 2016)

Seychelles’ Ugandan born President Danny Faure, accompanied by his newly sworn in Vice President Vincent Meriton and Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon attended the highlight night of this year’s Festival Kreol.
Received at the stadium by Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St. Ange did the President evidently enjoy the various performances, as did other members of his cabinet.
The one and a half hour performance was started off with the march into the Stad Popiler of several large groups of dancers who provided exceptional eye candy for the spectators who filled VIP and other stands.
The warm balmy weather played a part too as not a drop of rain came down as the heat on the field rose when popular Creole songs were played.

The Festival Kreol is celebrated in the Seychelles since 1985, a year before the Institute Kreol was officially incorporated, to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of the islands. Today it brings together Creole people not just from the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, Rodrigues, Mauritius but also from the Caribbean islands of Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and as far as the US southern state of Louisiana.

Common language, art, song, dance, poetry, fashion and of course food are at the centre of what I call ‘Creolism‘ uniting Creole people from wherever they live around the world.
This year have activities started as early as Friday the 21st of October and will run until Monday the 31st of October, with events across the main island of Mahe, market days dedicated to the Kreol culture, mass being celebrated – the vast majority of Seychellois are Roman Catholics – in Kreol language, food stalls offering Kreol specialties and art exhibitions showcasing the unique style of Creole painters.

Not missing of course is a ‘Miss Creole‘ who is present at most of the events and presentations to help promote the ideals of the festival. This year’s winner is nineteen year old Miss Omegan Jean-Marie Ciseau who was crowned at a gala function as the Seychelles International Conference Centre last Saturday.

Later today will be a showcasing of Kreol Food, musical performances at Victoria’s Market Street and tonight then a dedicated Kreol Fashion Show at the Berjaya Resort and Casino in Beau Vallon.