Reunion prepares for WTM in London with a big delegation from the island

The island of La Reunion Tourism at World Travel Market in London

(Posted 29th October 2016)

The 37th edition of the World Travel Market (WTM) in London opens its doors to international tourism professionals, from 07th to 09th November. For three days will Reunion Island Tourism, in short IRT, exhibit the strengths of the island with local tourism partners to promote the destination on the UK and also the global market.Presently is a large delegation from Reunion on fellow Vanilla Island Seychelles, attending the Festival Kreol, led by Regional President and French Senator Didier Robert.
Air Austral, Diana Sea Lodge and incoming agencies Connections Reunion and Ethnix Tours and many others will accompany the IRT team. This show which positions itself as one of the leading event for the global tourism industry is a unique opportunity to meet, network, negotiate and conclude trade agreements in the travel sector.

For IRT this will include presenting the new identity of the destination to some 50,000 attending travel professionals, tourism ministers and international travel journalists present at WTM London. This year IRT will rely on WTM to anchor the signing of the destination with Anglophone and professional prospects: Reunion Island, the ultimate experience.
For IRT, it is also to establish the position of the island in the southern hemisphere. The stand of the Island of Reunion – AS240 – will be located in an area dedicated to the Indian Ocean region. Visitors will enjoy their visit on the Reunion stand with an immersive experience in the heart of the remarkable landscapes of the intense island through a video 360 .

Britain is a source market with some considerable potential because of its volume of holiday departures, the stability of its currency and air links that offer international airports to connect on to flights linking Europe with Reunion. It is, for the moment, still considered a niche market, but the trend shows that its growth is real.
The latest figures from INSEE (May 2016) tourists from the rest of Europe continue to grow ( + 11% ), reaching a record 36,000 tourists. To the potential European markets (Great Britain, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and other Europe) represent 20% of tourist arrivals from European countries (excluding France).
In these markets, the agreements signed between Air France and Air Austral offer new growth prospects . The development of the destination to these markets is part of the strategy and roadmap of the IRT.

* Island of Reunion, the Intense Island

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