Tourism Minister Alain St. Ange part of the new cabinet of President Danny Rollen Faure


(Posted 29th October 2016)

The cabinet of President Danny Faure met earlier today for their first meeting and to hear from the President about his aspirations for the nation and his expectations from his cabinet members about service delivery to the people of Seychelles.
The President told his ministers that he expects them to set aside one day a week to go and meet their constituent people as he himself too has pledged to do. Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance too rank high on the agenda which President Faure already set during the few days since he became President.
Alain St. Ange remained in the cabinet line up as Minister of Tourism, and going by previous communication from State House Victoria has the Culture portfolio been moved to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture while Tourism has received the added responsibility of looking after Civil Aviation, Marine and Ports.
Minister St. Ange in fact was one of the leading voices around the globe some years ago already to bring aviation and tourism onto the same platform when he initiated formal meetings between UNWTO and ICAO to discuss future cooperation and joint strategies for the mutual benefit of the two sectors which provide tens of millions of jobs around the globe in airlines, hotels, resorts, tourism attractions and transportation companies.
Several Seychellois stakeholders used the presence of this correspondent on the islands to voice their strong approval for Minister St. Ange’s remaining in his cabinet position.
Current arrivals for 2016 over 2015 are up by around 12 percent, setting the stage to reach for the first time over 300.000 visitors per annum, more than three times the number of Seychellois citizens living on the islands.
Congratulations to both President Faure and to Minister St. Ange and all the best for both country and tourism sector.