Seychelles President Danny Faure announces his full cabinet and Principal Secretaries


(Posted 30th October 2016)

StateHouse | Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

In an announcement earlier today were Principal Secretaries announced alongside their respective cabinet ministers under the new portfolio distribution which was announced several days earlier.
Here are the appointments, and the reshuffle as far as Ministers are concerned with the added information that Minister Christian Lionnet has decided to leave his post in government and join the private sector.

Office of the President

Secretary of State Responsible for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation – Dr Patrick Herminie

Foreign Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs – Mrs Marie-Louise Potter

Secretary of State Responsible for Poverty Alleviation – Mr Dick Esparon

Principal Secretary (Department of Foreign Affairs) – Ms Michelle Murray

Ambassador Barry Faure remains Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs

Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne remains Secretary of State with specific responsibilities for Health.

Office of the Vice-President – Vice President Vincent Meriton

Principal Secretary (Vice-President’s Office) – Mr Alain Volcère

Principal Secretary (Department of Information Communication Technology) – Mr Benjamin Choppy

Principal Secretary (Department of Information) – Mr Denis Rose

Principal Secretary (Department of Investment & Industries) – Dr Steve Fanny

Principal Secretary (Department of The Blue Economy) – Ms Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne

Special Advisor (The Blue Economy) – Mr Phillip Michaud

Special Advisor (Information) – Ms Shelda Commetant

Office of the Designated Minister – Minister Macsuzy Mondon

Principal Secretary (Office of the Designated Minister) – Mrs Marise Berlouis

Ministry of Local Government – Minister Macsuzy Mondon

Principal Secretary – Ms Marie-Celine Vidot

Special Advisor – Mr Daniel Frichot

Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development – Minister Joel Morgan

Principal Secretary (Education Department) – Dr Odile Decommarmond

Principal Secretary (Human Resource Development Department) – Dr Linda Barallon

Special Advisor (Education) – Mrs Merida Delcy

Consultant – Mr Selby Dora

Ministry of Health & Social Affairs – Minister Jean-Paul Adam

Principal Secretary (Health Department) – Dr Bernard Valentin

Principal Secretary (Social Affairs Department) – Mrs Linda William-Melanie

Special Advisor (Social Affairs) – Ms Marie-Josee Bonne

Ministry of Home Affairs – Minister Mitcy Larue

Commissioner of Police – Mr. Reginald Elizabeth

Principal Secretary (Immigration & Civil Status Department) – Mrs Myriam Telemaque

Superintendent of Prisons – Mr Vic Tirant

Special Advisor (Police) – Ms Sheryl Vangadasamy

Special Advisor (Immigration & Civil Status) – Mr Michel Marie

Special Advisor (Prisons) – Mr Raymond St Ange

Advisor to the Superintendent of Prisons – Mr Maxime Tirant

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine – Minister Alain St Ange

Principal Secretary (Tourism Department) – Ms Anne Lafortune

Principal Secretary (Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine Department) – Mr Garry Albert

Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture-Minister Idith Alexander

Principal Secretary (Youth & Sports Department) – Mr Fabian Palmyre

Principal Secretary (Culture Department) – Ms Benjamine Rose

Special Advisor (Youth) – Mr Kevin Vidot

Special Advisor (Sports) – Mr Jean Larue

Special Advisor (Culture) – Mr Emmanuel D’Offay

Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport – Minister Charles Bastienne

Principal Secretary (Habitat Department) – Mrs Jennifer Jasmin

Principal Secretary (Infrastructure Department) – Mr Yves Choppy

Principal Secretary (Land Transport Department) – Mr Patrick Andre

Special Advisor – Mr Gerard Hoareau

Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change- Minister Didier Dogley

Principal Secretary (Environment Department) – Mr. Alain Decommarmond

Principal Secretary (Energy & Climate Change Department) – Mr Wills Agricole

Special Advisor – Mr Denis Matatiken

Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture – Minister Michael Benstrong

Principal Secretary – Mr Michael Nalletamby

Special Advisor (Fisheries) – Mr Roy Clarisse

Special Advisor (Agriculture) – Mr Antoine-Marie Moustache

Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation – Minister Wallace


Principal Secretary (Employment Department) – Mr Jules Baker

Principal Secretary (Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation) – Mrs Pamela Charlette

Special Advisor – Ms Veronique Bresson

Ministry of Finance, Trade & Economic Planning – Minister Peter Larose

Principal Secretary (Finance & Trade Department) – Mr Patrick Payet

Principal Secretary (Economic Planning Department) – Mrs Elizabeth Agathine

Special Advisor – Ms Sitna Cesar

Announcements about new appointments for heads of parastatal bodies are expected to be announced over the coming days.

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