October 2016 news update from the Northern Rangelands Trust.

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The Curious Incident of the (Wild) Dog in The Nighttime

"This was going to be a challenging operation – the wild dog needed to be moved toward the Sanctuary gate and let out before they got hungry. Hirola aren’t known for their expert ability to evade predators, and what’s more, there were plenty of young calves around." How an entire conservancy came together to tackle some criminal canines.

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Exploring Sera Conservancy with The Kenyan Camper

The Daily Nation joined Kenya’s number one camping blogger on his adventure to Sera Wildlife Conservancy.

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Warriors on Tour – Grassroots lessons on… grass!

Ltungai Conservancy takes their young warriors on an exposure tour to Kalama and Westgate – in a bid to inspire them to engage in their conservancy grassland management, and potentially show them a glimpse of the future.

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Dry Season Peace Report

"In my view, 2016 has been our best year in terms of reducing and managing conflicts" said NRT’s Chief Programmes Officer Tom Lalampaa.
But the journey hasn’t been an easy one. Read our dry season peace report here.

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