Welcome to the latest Kreol Magazine Issue 17

Kreol Magazine Issue 17

Given the just ended 31st edition of the Festival Kreol in the Seychelles is this latest issue of the Kreol Magazine especially relevant, not just for the Seychelloise who staged the festival, not just for the Creole islands of the Indian ocean but for the entire Creole nation which is at home in such distant places like the Caribbean islands and as far as the State of Louisiana in the US.

Welcome to issue 17 of Kreol Magazine.


Welcome to October issue of Kreol Magazine.

Several of our articles in this issue touch on one important topic that many people have connection with, Cultural Heritage. Many believe that traditions are archaic, not relevant to modern society or simply unnecessary. It may well be true for some, however, for many, myself included, this is not the case. I feel that exploring one’s cultural heritage brings a robust array of benefits.

Culture gives us an identity, sense of belonging, connection to shared values, believes, customs and traditions. Cultural Heritage provides us with sense of unity, understanding of where we come from and the history of previous generations. It is true, that with time, some traditions may change, or get forgotten, but values, passed on over the generations, remain the same.

One of the great examples of keeping the traditions and heritage is Louisiana’s Inseparable Friends Benevolent Society (IFBS). It was born out of a need to help farming communities, the Society of Prairie Laurent, just outside the city limits of Opelousas, Louisiana. The IFBS now over a 100 years old. Read on their history, traditions and how they survive in modern times (p. 32).

On another level, Seychelles and Haiti can be singled out as countries embracing and promoting Creole Culture and traditions.

Seychelles, is a true Creole Country, where Creole is an official language (together with English and French). Seychellois people are proud to call themselves Creole and passionately believe in their Creole identity. Preserving the culture and heritage is high on the government’s agenda. Seychelles has two Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List; Aldabra Atoll (1982) and Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve (1983) and two properties submitted on the tentative list (Mission Ruins of Venn’s Town (2013) and Silhouette Island (2013)). Most tourists traveling to Seychelles know about Vallée de Mai, however, not many know about Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve. Fond Ferdinand boasts 122 hectares of beautiful scenery with hundreds of indigenous species, including more than 6,000 Coco de Mer palm trees (p. 106). Kreol also uncovered the discovery of a historic Lime Kiln on Praslin Island, Seychelles, believed to be more than 100 years old (p. 46).

In this issue of Kreol, Haiti is represented by Fashion Designer Pascale Thèard (p.52), George Sassine, the President of the ADIH (Association Des Industries Haiti) (p. 42) and Pauline Jean, the Haitian born singer, whose unique blend of Creole and Jazz is taking the world by storm (p. 80).

As usual, Kreol ensures inclusivity with features in this issue of individuals/articles covering over 10 countries. The cover story is American supermodel, Tyra Banks, who described herself as, “an ugly duckling,” at school (p.6). Also featured is Marc Cohn, well known for his song entitled, “Walking in Memphis”, and who survived a bullet to the head. (p. 12). Pascal Viroleau is the CEO of Vanilla Islands, a new tourist concept for Creole Indian Ocean Islands (p. 16). Additionally, there is Cathy Hughes, Guyana Minister of Tourism (p. 20), Russel Whiting, a fascinating Steel sculptor from Louisiana (p. 26) and Maaliyah Papillion, the first Creole Miss Louisiana USA (p. 36).

In the Music section there is New Orleans’s Tanks & Bangas (p.76), Canadian Jazz singer Lara Solnicki (p. 84), New Orleans blues native Keith Stone (p. 86) and Lafayette, Louisiana, born and bred Blues man, Danny Alexander (p. 90).

There is plenty more in Fashion, Travel, Genealogy, Art & History. In the Food section, for the first time, we review two restaurants, with remarkable Creole soul. Seychelles’ Boat House offers daily fresh buffet (p.124) and newly relaunched Café Fricassée, Carencro, Louisiana, delights with an exquisite menu (p. 116). Share the vision of enterprise of Chef Sean Perrodin, whose dream is to promote Creole cuisine to the whole world (p. 112). Finally, try the great recipes from our own Bryant, “Sauce Boss” Fuselier (p.132).


Georgina Dhillon




Tyra Banks – From supermodel
to role model


Marc Cohn – More than a Survivor,
a True Musical Talent


Pascal Viroleau – Vanilla Islands’ supremo unites nations with a “Tourism dream”


Cathy Hughes – Putting Guyana
on the tourism map


Russell Whiting – Carving steel
with the torch


Louisiana’s Inseparable Friends Benevolent Society – Roars ahead into new century


Maaliyah Papillion – The first
Creole Miss Louisiana USA


George Sassine – An industry man in a political world


Seychelles’ Lime Kiln – Fascinating heritage of Praslin Island explored after century-old lime kiln unearthed


Why I’ll always treasure my Family Photos


Pascale Thèard – Fashioning art for the everyday in Haiti


Cuban Art – “I come from everywhere And I am going toward everywhere…”


Pirates Near Seychelles – Myths
and truths


Katherine Dunham – Entre élite noire et créole


A brief history of Witchcraft


Tank & the Bangas – Going Against the Grain with a Unique New Orleans Sound


Pauline Jean – Singer’s unique blend of Creole and Jazz taking the world by storm


Lara Solnicki – Jazz Musician, Poet, and So Much More


Keith Stone – A New Orleans blues native spellbinding the world


Danny Alexander – Love, loss and Creole music


Dinah Washington – Undisputed ‘Queen of the Blues’






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