Safarilink announces scheduled flights to Kitale


(Posted 10th November 2016)

Safarilink, one of Kenya’s leading safari airlines, has just announced the launch of flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the town of Kitale.
Located at the foot of Mt. Elgon and close to the Cheragani Hills will this daily service further open up parts of Kenya for tourist visitors which were previously only accessible through an extended journey by road.
The service will launch on the 21st of November and will initially run up to the 31st of January. One way tickets will sell from as low as 80 US Dollars and US Dollars 170 return.
Safarilink will use a twin engined Beech1900 with 19 seats for the service.

Meanwhile is the airline also awaiting the long delayed – some say instigated by envious competitors – approval to use their own departure lounge for boarding their passengers, similar to what Air Kenya has been doing for a while.
Safarilink invested several hundred thousand US Dollars in a state of the art scanning system for baggage and passengers and has modified access to and from their offices to their departure lounge to meet all security requirements, assuring safe and secure operations.
Promised inspections of the facility have time and again been inexplicably delayed giving rise to speculation that foul play is at work, thus putting the Kenya Airport Authority and other relevant bodies on the spot who now need to explain why they have hitherto failed to sanction Safarilink’s facility. It is understood that the waiting game of cat and mouse by the Kenyan authorities has been going on for nearly two years now, shaking the faith of a number of other air operators in the system.
Watch this space for further updates on this contentious issue but meanwhile, enjoy flights to Safarilink’s latest destination.