The Livingstone biWeekly has just arrived …

From Gill Staden comes the next The Livingstone biWeekly
Enjoy another updates of great news from ‘Further Down South
as I call it, courtesy of a fellow writer based in Livingstone / Zambia
who has published a number of guide books about her home country
and the wider region.


Silly Season for birds

Maramba Cultural Village Burns

Saf Par’s Elephants

School Club at Chisyabulungu

Lukusuzi National Park

Toll Gate at Kafue

Conservation South Luangwa

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Hyenas Saved from Chinese Zoo in Zimbabwe

News from Hwange

Bumi Hills Auction

Elephant Translocation from Hwange

Botswana Needs Child Documentation at Borders

Slowness at Johannesburg Airport

Kwando Carnivore Project – lioness introduced to Buffalo

Some videos

Can you get more chilled than these elephants? (G: Shame about the music)

Footage by Annalisa Losacco and Eugenio Manghi.

Moyo, the baby elephant

Stoffel, the honey badger

Working dogs. It doesn’t say where, but I am guessing South Africa

An old one from Operation Noah