Private Conservancies: Safe-guarding the future of Africa’s wildlife

Gamewatchers Safaris is safe-guarding the future of Africa’s wildlife

How the right choice of safari can support conservation

The human population explosion in the last two decades means that all over the world there is less and less space left for wild animals and nature.
As a result wildlife numbers have crashed and many species are disappearing from their former rangelands.

The "conservancy concept", for which Gamewatchers Safaris was one of the pioneers in Kenya, is helping to make a difference by expanding the area of protected habitat for wildlife beyond the government-controlled parks and reserves onto new wildlife conservancies on land leased from local communities who benefit by receiving rental income and job opportunities for their families.

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It is the income from tourism that pays for the conservancies to exist. So by coming to Kenya on a photographic safari, visitors can help to give the animals a home in the wilds.

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By coming on a safari, visitors are supporting our mission to conserve wildlife and also are helping to provide benefits for the communities whose lands are giving the animals a safe haven.


We are always delighted to have new visitors to stay at our camps and to welcome back our returning guests – we look forward to taking care of you on your next safari!

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can ensure that we continue to provide space for wildlife then I would love to hear from you – just reply to this email to get in touch.

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