Seychelles President meets Mauritius Prime Minister


(Posted 28th November 2016)

The President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. Danny Rollen Faure, met with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, on the sidelines of the Francophone summit which was held in Madagascar.

They reaffirmed the close relationship that the two countries share and have agreed to enhance these relations in the future.

They focused on the strengthening of economic ties so as to bring long term prospects and development for the two countries and their peoples.

In this context Sir Jugnauth invited President Faure to participate in the Economic Forum to be held in Mauritius on the 27th March next year under the banner of the African Union.

Another point of importance which they raised during the meeting relates to the issue of substance abuse which is currently affecting both countries. Mauritius has agreed to share its expertise and experience with Seychelles and help support the country’s rehabilitation programmes.

Both leaders also reviewed the cooperation in the health sector with particular emphasis on the recruitment of Mauritian doctors for Seychelles.

Mauritius has sought the support of Seychelles in their efforts to reclaim the sovereignty of Chagos from the United Kingdom. President Faure has pledged Seychelles’ support to their just cause.

Sir Jugnauth has invited President Faure for an official visit to Mauritius next year at a date to be announced in due course.

Both islands are members of the Vanilla Island organization which brings together the Indian Ocean islands of Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, the Comoros and the Maldives besides Seychelles and Mauritius.