News from ‘further down South’ by Gill Staden

Welcome to another edition of the Livingstone bi-weekly courtesy of Gill Staden, who granted permission to reproduce her new broadcast here.


Kazungula Bridge Delayed

Livingstone-Mazabuka Road to become dual carriageway

Money for Lake Tanganyika

Flights to Kalabo

Chikondi, a baby vervet saved

Christmas gifts from Lower Zambezi

Painted Dog news

Lion Pride around Kariba Town

More news on the Zim hyena

Water from the Zambezi to Bulawayo and then South Africa

Bond notes for Zim

Vintage Air Rally on the way

Rhino shot in the Okavango

Schuckmannsburg road

Senior Citizens from Windhoek have a treat

Brown hyena seen in Mahango

Some videos:


Kasanka bats