Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift? Here is your chance to do something extraordinary!

Colobus Conservation launches Christmas campaign

Adopt a monkey in Kenya this Christmas!

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift for a loved one?

Adopt a monkey at Colobus Conservation and help return these orphans back to the wild!

Each monkey at Colobus Conservation is either a victim of the pet trade or arrives as an orphan. Each deserves the right to the five basic freedoms – food and water; shelter; being healthy and disease free; ability to express normal behaviour, and freedom from fear and distress. With your help, Colobus Conservation ensures that these freedoms are upheld for all the monkeys in our care.

Our aim is to rehabilitate these ex-pet trade and orphan monkeys and release them back into the wild. Adopting a monkey with Colobus Conservation helps us to successfully rehabilitate and release these monkeys.

Your adoption money helps us to provide food, enclosure maintenance, daily enrichment, veterinary care and medicine, pre-release training, and post-release monitoring equipment.

You can adopt any of these monkeys for £30 / $45 / 4,500 Ksh per year.

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Each Adoption Package, includes:

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • A4 photograph of your adoptive monkey
  • A profile of your monkey
  • Factsheets on your chosen species
  • A timeline of your monkeys life so far
  • Twice yearly updatess
  • Free entry voucher for an Eco-Tour at our rescue centre
Chose one of our monkeys as a unique Christmas gift for loved ones this Christmas and help keep monkeys in the wild in Kenya!
If you would like to volunteer with Colobus Conservation and help us to rescue, rehabilitate and conserve coastal Kenya’s monkeys, please email campaigns and request an application form.

Thank You for Supporting Colobus Conservation