Kenya’s Sarova Hotels aim for H1 2017 opening of new hotel in Nakuru


(Posted 08th December 2016)

The new Sarova Woodlands Hotel in Nakuru, reportedly worth some 10 million US Dollars, is due to open in the first half of next year with 142 rooms and suites. Nakuru is Kenya’s forth largest town with an estimated population of over 1.5 million inhabitants and has so far not enjoyed the presence of either local or internationally branded hotels.
Located outside the town centre along the main highway from Nairobi to Nakuru and close to State House Nakuru will the new hotel provide conference facilities as it targets both conference and business visitors but also tourists. The latter can use the hotel the explore the nearby Nakuru National Park, where Sarova Hotels already operates the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge but can also take in such sights as the Menengai Crater or visit lakes Bogoria and Baringo as day excursions.
The new property is presently starting to recruit staff and those successful with their applications will first received training before being deployed to the new venture.
The hotel group, Kenya’s largest privately owned hospitality enterprise with the five star Sarova Stanley Hotel as its flagship, clearly has market confidence in opening a new hotel given that 2017 is an election year in Kenya. Sarova also operates the Panafric Hotel in Nairobi, the Whitesands Resort north of Mombasa and lodges in the Taita Hills, the Masai Mara and in Shaba north of Isiolo.


  1. Am so happy and impressed with the upcoming of Sarova hotels and wish them well in their future en-devours

  2. Always the best and yummy hotels. conglatulation the big team. looking forward to join the team in housekeeping dept.

  3. thank you for such an endeavour,you have been one of the best.wsh to be part of the team in the woodlands.

  4. what a nice way to start the year wish to be part of the team i once worked for in the past years BIG UP

  5. Welcome to nakuru sarova hotel. I would like to be part of u so as we can enhance the growth of your business

  6. sent my CV and am really waiting to have a chance to work in your premises.thanks.

  7. Hello!my name is Mary am an interior designer would like to take part in decor in your hotel I have enough experience in the area am looking forward for your feedback.


    1. I thank the savofa hotels for your continous hardwork may God bless you all. I will be happy and grateful if I will be part of you. i did hospitality management, thank you so much.

  9. Im glad with the opening of sarova in nakuru coz nt only will it provide job opportunities bt also the growth of the town in terms of infrustrusture.Wish to be a part of the team.

  10. Thanks for creating job opportunities pursuing food and beverage management would like to be part of thanks

  11. Thank you so much for creating job opportunity for me I applied as a waitress and I hope I will be part of a team thanx

  12. It is a good idea. Now that’s growth, and it brings more confidence in a business. I wish you all the best and I would be glad to be part of you in the security team.

  13. Thanks sarova for the work You are doing I wish to be part of sarova

  14. wellcom to Nakuru sarova hotel team for this opportunity of creating more jobs and development of Nakuru town.I am ready to be part of you.

  15. This is the opportunity i have been waiting for. wish to be part of the team

  16. I’m Joseph Begi from The Boma Hotels Nairobi, Kenya. Applying for a job as a chef departie.

  17. Is there a job vacanct in food and beverage manager, housekeeping, STEWARD,front office?

  18. I am so great to heard such big news of sarova hotel,sarova hotel has play a mighty role in our economy ,job creation ,tourist sector etc.I am have a big knowledge in security and fire and safety protection, please over me job in this field

  19. it is great news ,I thanks sarova for a big role playing in our economy,I am look forward to work with you

  20. hallo am appy for you..thanks in advance for wat u r doing..can i be part of you ////?

  21. Love sarova hotels,worked once iin sarova panafric hotel nairobi and its services and products are more tha excellent. looking forward to working with you once again

  22. I have just found this recently, thank you for the good work that your doing for the people of Kenya I like the industry and I’m part of it fully. And I will like to work with you . I’m just near the hotel . Thanks.

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