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Jhpiego business training program drives success in Kenya Jhpiego
Jhpiego – In 2015, 500 slum residents participated in the Waste Is Wealth program, with their businesses selling fresh eggs, collecting waste, renting out equipment… Read more>>


Botswana: Ostrich Farming Lucrative Investment AllAfrica
Botswana is covered with sandy soil, has a hot climate and such environmental conditions contribute to the country having the largest wild ostrich population in the world… Read more>>

Less Oil and More Farms Is What Africa Needs, UN Agency Says Bloomberg
African countries need to increase their focus on agriculture investment and lessen emphasis on oil and mining to improve food security for their citizens, a United Nations agency said… Read more>>


Tanzania: Singida Wind Farm planned for Q2 2017 ESI Africa
Tanzania’s first wind farm, Singida Wind Power project, is expected to begin construction from May 2017. Managing director of Six Telecoms… Read more>>

Rwandan villagers taught about solar energy ESI Africa
In East Africa, Mobisol Rwanda, a solar energy equipment vendor, has launched a campaign dubbed "Walking Christmas Tree", which seeks to… Read more>>


Ethiopia Gearing to Become Africa’s Top Tourism Spot All Africa
During the past two decades, Ethiopia’s ambitious economic initiatives to become middle income country managed to progressively grow and develop its economy. The… Read more>>

Destination Africa IOL
The "Africa rising” narrative might have become more complex recently, and taken a few knocks, but there’s no doubt the continent is open for business where… Read more>>