Unauthorized beach landing by two helicopters endangers safety of tourists


(Posted 27th December 2016)

Two helicopters, reportedly owned by one of Kenya’s media moguls but operated by Corporate Helicopters, yesterday blew up a proverbial sandstorm on Chale Island at the Kenyan coast, when they landed on the beach with an apparent lack of proper authorization.
Mr. Fabio Beltramini, a former Ugandan resident, was on location at the time for a vacation and took pictures. He confirmed through the resort manager that no permission had been given to land two rotor aircraft on the beach of the resort though the resort on its Facebook page later posted a picture with the heading ‘Welcome‘, something which incensed Mr. Beltramini and other guests even further after they were literally blown off the beach.
Dozens of visitors had to scramble for their safety when the two helicopters swooped in and landed on the beach, creating a sandstorm as the heli blades sent sand and beach debris flying all over the place and blew tourists possessions off their sunbeds.
It then transpired that a group of Chinese were passengers in the two choppers, registrations of which were established to be 5Y-DSB and 5Y-SGM, also seen in the pictures. Ranted another guest who wished to remain anonymous after learning that the incident would be published here: ‘If they don’t try to smuggle ivory or buy other prohibited wildlife products, then they do such incredibly stupid acts. Does Kenya really want such ‘tourists’?

To strengthen his case did Mr. Beltramini also take pictures of the beach location, before the landing of the two helicopters and while their landing was in progress.

A picture taken from an elevated position also shows one of the two helicopters parked on the beach just metres away from the water, with the comment by the photographer on his Facebook page saying: ‘Completely crazy!!! Helicopters landing ON PEOPLE!! Everyone had to rush away as the sand raised was blinding everyone!! And the damages they did to trees umbrellas and people’s belongings! Crazy, dangerous and life threatening!! Shame shame shame!!

(Aerial view of Chale Island at the Kenyan coast)

Whether permitted by management or not, questions still need answering if air traffic control had sanctioned a flight plan to Chale Island and given permission to land outside any designated airport, aerodrome, airfield or helipad and what action will be taken against the two pilots who clearly, going by eyewitness accounts, endangered the life of people who were at the beach while the two crafts were landed.

(Picture shared via Mr. Beltramini’s FB page)


  1. They also landed in Kilifi on Bofa Beach, and at Vipingo outside the Vipingo Beach Bar.

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  2. The helicopters in the beach event are clearly 5Y DSB and 5Y SGM also portrayed in the pictures 5Y DSM operated and owned by someone else entirely was not involved here, articles written with a loose pen can be extremely damaging, facts such as registrationshould be well reaserched before publishing such narratives.

  3. Kindly note* the helicopter in the article should read registration 5Y- DSB as per the photographs. NOT 5Y- DSM!

  4. Dear Author

    I’ve read your article and agree that the pilots were irrisponsible, however I think you should correct the claim that a 5Y-DSM was involved? Neither of these aricraft photographed have that registration so you have falsely accused that operator if they actually exist?!

  5. Kindly note that one of the named helicopters 5Y-DSM is not in the picture and belongs to a different company which would look bad on the other company who are not part of your article.

    We would appreciate if the correct information is given to the people who will read your post.

  6. ‘If they don’t try to smuggle ivory or buy other prohibited wildlife products, then they do such incredibly stupid acts. Does Kenya really want such ‘tourists’?’ wow just wow. Such gross generalization and a little bit racist.

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