Reunion chosen as venue for next ‘Find a House’ episode on French TV

«Search for an apartment or house»

Stéphane Plaza is on Reunion

for a new episode

Stéphane Plaza

Stéphane Plaza, the flagship host of the "Recherche appartement ou maison"
program, is on the island of La Réunion for the shooting of a special program.
Its mission: to find the future home of a family in northern metropolitan France, who wishes to reach its
children settled on the island.

Miss France, Dimitri Payet, Bob Sinclar, Miss India, Cyprien today and Stéphane
Plaza : many media personalities have flown to the Reunion, aka the Intense Island,
during 2016.
The presence of this most popular French show on the island of Reunion of a special
issue of "Search apartment or house" is definitely a way to close this year on
a high and under the spotlight for the intense island.

It is under the leadership of the Reunion Island Tourism, after the Top Resa Fair
which was held in Paris in September, that the island of Reunion was chosen from
many international destinations such as Miami, Lisbon or Thailand.
"I came in May on vacation because I had heard great things from Reunion Island by
Valerie Begue or Gérald de Palmas. The people are very hospitable and friendly"
reveals Stéphane Plaza who back then immediately decided to come to do his
show on the island. For this show which is different from the previous episodes,
Stéphane Plaza will play the role of "big brother". This new formula of "Search
apartment or house" is unique and exclusive. There are, for the time being, no
other new episodes planned in another destination.

(From left to right: IRT Director Willy Ethève, Stéphane Plaza and Deputy
Managing Director of Air Austral Jean-Marc Grazzini)

This is a first for the show broadcast by the M6 group that goes in search of
real estate outside of metropolitan France. The program that has appeared on
television in February 2006 on the national channel M6, is one of the most
acclaimed shows and brings together each distribution between three and four
million viewers.

"Search apartment or house special" Reunion Island will be broadcast during the
first quarter of 2017 in prime time TV. The show will spend more than thirty
minutes on this unique location of Reunion, with the key being surprises and
beautiful images of Reunion.