Could FlyAfrica make a comeback in Zimbabwe?


(Posted 07th January 2017)

When above picture arrived in this correspondent’s inbox and on his Twitter feed (@whthome) did all sorts of alarm bells go off, given the contentious history of FlyAfrica, all described in a series of articles published here at the time in the second half of 2015, before the airline went out of business.
Threats of legal suits by staff sycophants and management did however not stop the truth from coming out, which was that wannabe travelers were duped to pay for tickets when it was blatantly obvious that – following the loss of the airline’s operating permit in Zimbabwe – they would not be able to fly.
A similar scenario also developed in Namibia, effectively bringing operations to a halt.
The airline’s Facebook page and official Twitter account have been silent and not been updated since late 2015, still showing the template responses posted to calm down irate customers at the time but after first removing and blocking the most outspoken critics of the airline’s practises at the time.
Disgraced former FlyAfrica CEO Mr. Adrian Hamilton-Manns eventually landed a job with a company called Raddix International which is dealing in passenger service systems software after leaving the airline in February 2016 when the lack of cash flow made it impossible for him to continue drawing his generous salary package. Regular frontline staff in fact had gone for extended periods of time without pay resulting in offices not being manned any longer and phone calls, emails and social media messages eventually going unanswered.
No one in Harare, given the weekend situation, was able to confirm that the airline is indeed attempting another comeback and the only proof of activity for now is the sign on the door of an office in Harare, that plans are underway to accomplish that.
With AOC and air services licence however long lapsed it would have to be a new process of application altogether and given the history how the airline went out of business a year ago, this will not weigh in their favour.
Meanwhile has one source in Harare come back saying: ‘Let’s hope that #Revolution is not coming back to eat some more of our children’s’ money‘.

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