Nairobi makes the ‘Rough Guide’ global top three cities to be visited


(Posted 12th January 2017)

Only Paris and Isfahan in Iran beat Nairobi in the rankings of the ‘Rough Guide‘ for city visits in 2017, as the Kenyan capital outshone such iconic names like Bristol, Antwerp, Medellin, Atlanta, Osaka, Guadalajara and Palma de Mallorca, which made up the rest of the guidebook’s top ten.
Nairobi, East Africa’s best connected city by air from Europe, the Gulf, India, the South and Far East and of course from across Africa, is seen as the springboard to the region’s fabulous beach destinations, from Lamu to Shanzu and on to Diani, the Zanzibari islands of Unguja and Pemba and further on to Mafia but also to the national parks found in every country of the East African Community.
Kenya alone has over 60 national parks and national reserves open for visits and in addition are several high profile conservancies found across the country, such as Segera, Ol Pejeta and Lewa, among many others.
Among the African countries chosen by the guidebook for the year 2017 is Uganda Africa’s leading destination in fourth place, only beaten by India, Scotland and Canada but ahead of Bolivia, Nicaragua, Portugal, Finland, Namibia as second African country in the top ten and finally Taiwan.
The ‘Rough Guide‘ has published a dedicated book for Kenya, available via and in the travel sections of leading bookshops.