Happy New Year from Save the Elephants

Happy New Year from Save the Elephants

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Elephants have endured some very bad years, but with human helpers to whom we are so grateful, there is more hope now than before.

The news that China is moving from being the main problem to the main solution putting in place a near ban on ivory is the best news we have heard in five years. Save the Elephants is proud to play a central and catalytic role in creating such shifts, and in building and growing the coalition of individuals and organisations needed to make them happen.

Given the mushrooming markets in nations neighbouring China and the poaching situation that remains critical in many areas of Africa there is lots left to do, but this is without doubt the most significant good news for elephants. Against all the tremors worldwide that dominated everyone’s thoughts last year it’s great to have a kernel of positive news to hold onto.

The wild spaces that elephants need to survive are under increasing pressure. Africa’s human population is set to double by 2050 and many nations are planning or undertaking major infrastructure development programmes. 2017 will see STE further scale up work to define protected wildlife areas and the corridors that link them, as well as continue the development of innovative and effective tools to allow humans to co-exist alongside elephants without conflict.

From deep in the bush, we send you our warmest wishes for the New Year, hoping you enjoy a safe and happy 2017. As in the elephant family, surrounding the youngest of the herd, may the embrace of family and friends safeguard and protect you.

On behalf of the elephants, thank you for stepping up to defend them.

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