Valentine’s Day 2017 – Kempinski leads the regional pack again


(Posted 25th January 2017)

The dents made into budgets by celebrating Christmas and the New Year festive season ‘in style‘, i.e. taking advantage of hotel and resort package deals, will probably need some more panel beating after the world’s ‘Love Day‘ has played out on the 14th of February.
Some will say thankfully does the day fall on a Tuesday, so regular weekend packages will be a hard sell but for the day itself do restaurants across East Africa, as well as hotels, safari lodges and resorts bank on sell out occupancies, cashing in on the global hype which makes people do crazy things – including emptying bank accounts and wallets – all in the name of love, or what they think love may be.

Over the past years was the Villa Rosa Kempinski way ahead of the pack and the 5.4 million Kenya Shillings package for two nights in their presidential suite, including a day long air safari to the Kempinski Olare Mara luxury camp for game drives and five star meals in the bush, caught the opposition by surprise, more so as it sold in the space of hours after being made public. Befittingly was the promotion named ‘The 50 Shades of Valentine‘ where the hotel became the centre of a wide range of options right down to a Lover’s Lunch, High Tea or a Lover’s Dinner in all their restaurants.

For 2017 is the Villa Rosa Kempinski team again planning some spectacular stuff for Kenya’s top love birds but with a twist. Love stories are invited this year and can be submitted to <> between the 30th of January to the 05th of February.
The authors of the best five stories will make it as finalists into a series of events in the run up to Valentine’s Day, before the winning couple will then be treated like Royalty by the hotel. Creativity therefore and the passion to tell one’s story in a captivating narrative, rather than a loaded wallet, will be the main requirement to enjoy the Villa Rosa Kempinski’s ‘Cloud Nine‘ for a night.

From a limo pick up over an in suite check in to five star meals, gifts, flower arrangements, Villa Rosa Loyalty membership for a year – which comes with a range of added goodies – a night in the Presidential Suite, ranked as the best in the entire region and free flowing champagne are just some of the extravagant services the winning couple will enjoy.

By the evening of the 06th of February will a team of judges have decided on the top five couples and their stories. The public will then have the opportunity to cast their votes until the 09th via the Villa Rosa Kempinski Facebook Page on who Kenya’s 2017 Lovebird Couple will be, followed by the formal announcement later that day.

It is clear that the hotel will reap big through this competition, and while foregoing the cash revenue of the package itself, which if sold on the open market could have easily been pegged at a 2.5 million Kenya Shillings, will this be well worth it through brand recognition and brand loyalty and perhaps a sold out house on the night as patrons try to catch a glimpse of this year’s Valentine’s Glamour Couple.

For now can all aspirants begin to put pen to paper or fingers to their keyboards and begin to tell their very own love story, submit it and then keep their fingers crossed.

For the winner it won’t be a Pulitzer Prize awaiting her or him but a place on the Pedestal of Love for the day at the Villa Rosa Kempinski with their partner and who knows, perhaps more fame afterwards.