Bottomless Brunch – as in eat and drink as much as you can …


(Posted 31st January 2017)

While in the capital city across the border the Nairobi Restaurant Week is underway, to the delight of fans of good and affordable food, has Kampala, Uganda’s capital city last Sunday celebrated a feast of a different kind.
The recently rebranded and relaunched ‘Le Chateau‘, now known as ‘Brasserie Belge‘, Kampala’s only authentic Belgian restaurant over the past 21 years, presented a new invention for their regular patrons.

Bottomless Brunch‘ was served from 12.00 noon to 4 p.m. and in fact for a bit longer on their launch day which gave diners three options, meal and unlimited softdrinks at 80.000 UShs, meal and unlimited housewines at 120.000 UShs and meal with unlimited champagne at 150.000 UShs per person.

The enlarged restaurant filled up quickly from noon onwards, as did the parking, and the early birds stood in some amazement as the kitchen staff, led by Chef Paul, presented serving plate after serving plate of an extensive cold buffet before stocking the chafing dishes, all ten of them, with delicious Belgian fare, including Le Chateau’s seasonal signature dish, Fresh Mussels flown in by Brussels Airlines.

(Chef Paul, who joined the restaurant in December in time for the reopening and whose new menu creations made an immediate impact on the regular guests)

As mentioned was the spread of the food exquisite and as the food was being heaped on the plates was the kitchen brigade at hand to replenish promptly and right up to the official closing at 4 p.m. – but truth told, on the opening day even beyond that time.

A whole Salmon, adorned in the Belgian colours Black, Yellow and Red was complemented by slices of smoked Salmon and fillets of smoked Tilapia, the opening salvo of a delicious spread which extended to a wide range of salads but meat eaters too had their choices with roasted chicken drumsticks, racks of lamb and racks of pork.

Patrons queued up at the buffet to help themselves, or be helped, some returning to the cold platters several times before making their way to the hot food, a variety of classic Belgian dishes including Vol au Vent with Chicken, Flemish Stew and Roasted Endives.

Surely no taste bud went unsatisfied and the owner of Quality Hill, the location of Brasserie Belge, La Patisserie, Quality Cuts, the Le Petit Village Hotel and a range of other posh shops and boutiques, Stephan Duyck, had reason to be pleased, with the turnout and the comments made about the quality of the food.

Of course is the Le Chateau now for over two decades a crowd favourite in Kampala and after rebranding – following an extensive remodelling late last year – as Brasserie Belge has the new contemporary appearance taken over from the rustic look the restaurant had for long.

A new stylish menu, with old crowd favourites of course still available, has drawn in new clients and beer lovers will be pleased to hear that more than a dozen of Belgium’s finest brews are available in bottles, besides two types of Belgian draft beer, in itself a reason to visit and indulge.

Overall it was a splendid outing last Sunday with the weather playing its part after an early morning shower took the dust out of the air. Ample and secure parking and a range of options to snack or dine, between Brasserie Belge and La Patisserie, where Kampala’s finest pastries and the famous Chocolate Croissants are found, makes it an ideal place for a family meal.
Lunch specials are served daily at Le Chateau and theme evenings like the Acoustics Night or the famous Mussels Night are complemented by a Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, adding value for shoppers who come to Quality Hill.

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