Segera Retreat’s 2017 Calendar of Events


(Posted 03rd February 2017)

The Segera Retreat, located on a 50.000 acres large private conservancy, was among the first safari properties to be rated 5 Star by relevant authorities in Kenya.
A visit late last year affirmed that this was not just well deserved but probably a star short, though of course the Kenyan ranking system only goes up to five and has yet to embrace hospitality concepts which could be ranked one or two notches higher.
Yesterday did Jens Kozany share the Segera Retreat’s annual calendar of events, good to know for those wanting to stay there and be part of what is happening on Segera at a given time throughout the year.

Segera is part of the Zeitz Foundation and of The Long Run – a group of bespoke properties in Africa, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific – and as such subscribes to the 4C Initiative – Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce – launched by Jochen Zeitz, the founder of Segera.


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