Cyclone warning for Mauritius and Reunion


(Posted 05th February 2017)

Better safe than sorry comes to mind as a major tropical cyclone is forming some 200 miles off the coast of Mauritius. Named Carlos, the comparison with notorious ‘Carlos the Jackal‘ immediately comes to mind, also a destructive character when he was active as a terrorist.
The developing cyclone ‘Carlos‘ too could terrorise residents and visitors to these Indian Ocean islands and a Category 3 storm warning has been issued for Mauritius.
Air Seychelles has already rescheduled one of their flights HM 54, brought forward by one hour to avoid the approaching storm as it makes its way towards Mauritius.
More information can be obtained through the YouTube weather clip which is the second about this evolving storm with more updates promised as the cyclone makes its way southwards towards Mauritius and Reunion. The update from earlier today speaks of wind speeds of between 65 and 75 miles per hour, enough to potentially cause damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Passengers flying to and from Mauritius and Reunion should as a precaution check with their respective airlines about any potential delays or flight cancellations.