Seychelles tourist arrivals rise by 37 percent in January


(Posted 07th February 2017)

All the hard work, all the investments in market development, all the investments in attracting more airlines and more flights, it is all paying off now‘ commented a regular Victoria based source when passing on the information about a massive jump in arrival numbers for January.
The Seychelles, in recent years, grew annually by double digit numbers, two years ago by nearly 20 percent and last year by over 10 percent, but a 37 percent rise, year on year, is almost unprecedented.
Last year was a good January and the same can be said for 2015. Therefore is a 37 percent rise in arrivals absolutely fantastic and almost overwhelming‘ did the source then add.
In 2016 just over 17.000 visitors entered the archipelago but in 2017 this figure jumped to over 23.000, resulting in higher loadfactors for all the airlines and higher bed occupancies for the resorts, hotels, guest houses and self catering establishments.
Europe leads the list of countries of origin with over 13.000 visitors in January and the German market expanded by 36 percent, a sign how popular the Seychelles are in comparison with other Indian Ocean beach destinations.
Since January last year did Turkish Airlines, Sri Lankan and Qatar Airways commence flights to Mahe and Air Seychelles expanded its operations with more frequencies to key markets like Mumbai, Mauritius, Madagascar and Johannesburg.
In a related development was it learned that plans are being explored to combine the hugely successful Carnival International de Victoria with the revitalised and rebranded Festival Kreol and when details are available and a date has been set be sure you read it here the moment an announcement is made in Victoria.
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