News from further down south – courtesy of Gill Staden’s ‘Livingstone bi-Weekly’


Thank you Gill for the sterling job you do!


Rains cause damage to Livingstone roads

Linking Blue Lagoon and Lochinvar NPs

Poaching research around Kafue NP

Work permit review

Government concern over environment in Eastern Zambia

Mukambi’s famous Basil dies

Training Zambian ladies in conservation

A Correction on locusts

President in Kasane

New Airline for Zim

Young zebra in Kariba

Young warthog with snare around its mouth in Botswana

ICORP moving into Namibia

Poachers caught in Caprivi

Roger Gower Fund

Donkeys the latest export to China

Drug resistant malaria warning

Some videos:

Liuwa Plain

The rains have arrived and the river’s are flowing!

Namibian Nature Conservation

We often here warnings beware of crocodiles people do not realise how fast they can attack something near the waters edge, remember they start their charge some distance away, building up speed

Lake Turkana, Kenya

New Zealand Police … wish our Zambian police could do this