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Travel Africa Magazine says they Love Love Love Africa … and not only on Valentine’s Day

Jambo! Thank you so much for the amazing response we had to our new Travel Africa Extra, its been fantastic to hear from so many people and to get a better idea of what you’d like to read about. All your feedback is very much appreciated! Our next Extra will be published on February 28th, and we’ve got some cracking content lined up for you…

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one that you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Shots in the dark

We’re half-way through a lengthy 18-hour stretch in a hide in the bush in South Africa’s game-rich KwaZulu-Natal province. It’s midnight, pitch-black, and we’re still at our posts. You need to suffer for your art, right?

If this is suffering, bring it on. We’re in comfy, executive-style chairs, cameras secure on sturdy tripods, washing down chicken pies from the reserve’s lodge, reheated in the microwave here, with a couple of cold beers from the fridge, while checking our email and catching up on world news. Yes, this hide even has wi-fi and the connection’s way faster than at home.

Ann & Steve Toon go on the photographer’s dream safari at South Africa’s Zimanga Game Reserve.

Africa’s best beaches

Everyone knows about this amazing continent’s diverse wildlife and dramatic landscapes, but fewer people know about its islands and pristine coastlines. Jasreen Mayal Khanna gives you her list of the best spots to soak up the African sun

Serengeti moments

Wildlife photographer Lou Coetzer was so excited about his recent visit to the Serengeti that we asked him to share some of his images. In particular he enthused about how zebras seemed so much more astute about the river crossings than the wildebeest. And, of course, great big cat sightings… Capturing such moments on camera well requires great technical skill, and Lou is a master.

Protecting cranes

The grey crowned-crane is an endangered species in Rwanda, with the population falling by 80 per cent in the past 45 years. Dr Olivier Nsengimana is trying to rehabilitate the birds and return them to the wild.

Boots on the ground

How do you explore a country only slightly larger than the Tokyo Metropolitan Area? Try walking across the Kingdom of Swaziland, Africa’s smallest country, often referred to as the "nutshell nation".

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