Candidate St. Ange is all in during the ‘All Out Politics’ programme on Sky News


(Posted 16th February 2017)


Alain St. Ange had the opportunity earlier in the week, to be on the global news channels twice in a day, first with Adam Boulton of Sky News and later with Richard Quest of CNN.
In both appearances did St. Ange convincingly tell his hosts and the world why he should become the next Secretary General of the UNWTO when he explained his vision for the position and the direction UNWTO would take under his stewardship.
Later that day he was also interviews on the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme, making it three big hits in a single day and reaching a global audience with his ‘Tourism For All‘ banner headline.
With three months left until the May elections for a successor of Dr. Taleb Rifai, who after two terms of office will step down at the end of the year will St. Ange and others running for the top job no doubt have to be visible and ever present in the eyes of their constituents and it is here that Alain St. Ange will no doubt make an impact this weekend when he will be guest of honour of the East Africa Tourism Platform at the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo which goes underway tomorrow morning.
He will not only delivery a keynote address but also participate in the ministerial round table and then meet the East African media who will be very keen to hear from an African candidate what plans he would have, if elected, to raise visitor numbers from a measly 58 million a year into the 100 plus million range in the near future.

See the interview clip via the following link: