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Swaziland Tourism Authority exhibits at Beeld Show 2017

22nd February 2017

The Kingdom of Swaziland exhibits at the Beeld Show 2017

The annual Beeld Show taking place from 24th – 26th February is a big ticket event for many outdoor and holiday enthusiasts.

What better destination to exhibit at the show than the Kingdom of Swaziland. This landlocked country is only slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey at 17.363 square kilometers, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with adventure.

Swaziland’s mountains, valleys, rivers and other natural wonders make it the ideal choice for those seeking adrenaline activities. It has built a reputation for a host of thrilling adventure activities such as caving, abseiling, canopy tours, tubing and white water rafting.

But the adventure does not end there. Swaziland offers activities that will leave adrenaline seekers begging for more. One such quest is ‘kloofing’. A Kloofing Adventure includes hiking through a gorge, jumping down small cliffs, abseiling alongside waterfalls and swimming in natural pools. This is an incredible way to experience the natural splendour of Swaziland!

But the emphasis in Swaziland is to also provide visitors with a more intimate wildlife experience in areas of natural beauty, and to allow them a certain amount of freedom to explore on their own terms. This is no place for mass tourism and convoys of vehicles but instead, walks to learn about the bush and track rare species like black and white rhino.

The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Hlane Royal National Park, Mkhaya Game Reserve, and Phophonyane Falls Ecolodge and Nature Reserve offer guests the unique opportunity to witness the spectacular wildlife of Swaziland. While the smaller lodges may not be home to the Big Five, they are deserving in their own right and offer visitors the chance to experience a truly unforgettable Swazi getaway.

Beautiful scenery, diverse birdlife and close encounters with Africa’s legendary wildlife, thrill many visitors and a stay in Swaziland is incomplete without a visit to one of the game or nature reserves.

Swaziland certainly offers a variety of attractions for all of its visitors. This small nation is all that’s best about Africa in one small but perfectly formed and welcoming country.

Make sure to visit the Kingdom of Swaziland Hall 3 Stand Number M14 at the Beeld Show at the Gallagher Estate, Midrand to see what this magnificent country has to offer its visitors.

About STA

The Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA) was established by an act of parliament, the Tourism Authority, Act of 2001. It was established as a public enterprise. In terms of the Act the following objectives have been determined for STA;

  • Develop the tourism sector as a national priority in an environmentally sustainable and culturally acceptable manner,
  • Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of government policies and strategies on tourism,
  • Market Swaziland as a tourism destination through the provision of a platform for industry stakeholders,
  • Encourage, facilitate and promote local and foreign investment in the tourism industry, and
  • Ensure the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development and continued improvement of quality of life in the Kingdom of Swaziland