The rivers are flowing but there is still work to be done!


The rivers are flowing but there is still work to be done!
Ontulili River before intervention
Ontulili River after intervention
MKEWP can report that intervention measures taken to address the Water Crisis in Laikipia has resulted in increased water flows for almost all 14 rivers. This has mainly been observed in the upper and middle zones of the rivers, which before this effort were experiencing almost zero flows.
As a follow up to the update sent by LWF on the Water Crisis, Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) has since entered into an agreement with WRMA and 14 WRUAs that aims at restoring and sustaining water flows in 14 rivers. The agreement clearly outlines mandates and responsibilities as follows.

The WRUAs are responsible for:
• Awareness campaigns at the sub catchment level
• Preparing and implementing river water rationing programs
• Promote compliance among its members and work towards conflict resolution.

WRMA will provide WRUAs with technical support in developing the rationing programs, enforcement support to increase compliance and, water flow monitoring. Four WRUA clusters (Timau, Nanyuki, Naromoru and Ewaso Ng’iro North) have been established for joint monitoring and evaluation of WRUAs in the same sub-catchment.
WRUA to WRUA mentorship will also be encouraged.

Discussion with Water Users on the current situation
MKEWP will continue to support weekly budgets to facilitate the WRUAs. Clusters are receiving financial support to engage monitoring personnel who will be equipped to collate information for daily updates on the condition of rivers as well as illegal activities happening within their cluster. WRMA has scaled up their enforcement activities within the basin to restrict illegal abstraction of water during this time.

Even though rivers have begun to flow, there is still more work to be done to ensure that the flows are restored further downstream as well as to sustain the already existing flows. Cases of non-compliance of rationing programs, illegal abstraction of water by portable pump users in the middle and lower zones and political interference are still rampant. In addition, financial resources are needed to sustain this effort until the water situation normalises.

MKEWP is calling on ALL our Partners who have pledged their support to honour their commitment. We are also calling for other partners to join in on this very important effort.

For more information on the role of the MKEWP and how you can join the partnership, please contact Stanley Karimi, MKEWP’s Coordinator on stanley.karimi
Mobile: 0726 500260

Timau WRUA cluster members signing their MoUs on 16th February at Ngusishi WRUA office
MKEWP will continue to provide regular updates during this time of water crisis.
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