Seychelles Tourism adds web blog to their interactive virtual menu


(Posted 26th of February 2017)

Vanilla Island member Seychelles has just launched their new blogsite on the web under the name of
The new site is aimed to increase the profile of the islands on social media by offering visitors an interactive site where they can post their vacation experience, pictures and also react to other stories over and above existing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
Vahid Jacob, e-Marketing Manager at the Seychelles Tourism Board, was quoted to have said at the launch of the new site: ‘We are always looking for new ways to create interest about our islands. Blogging has become a very effective way of reaching our audience as it touches consumers at a very personal level, allowing us to impart knowledge about Seychelles and what it offers to tourists in a way that they can relate to, and also react to, by leaving comments on the blog. We are confident that this new addition to our social media arsenal will become an important influencer when it comes to choosing a tourism destination‘.

Added Destination Seychelles information can be found via