Tour D’ EAC set for August 01st to 14th


(Posted 26th February 2017)

The Tour D’ EAC, an annual bicycle tour through the East African Community partner states invites sponsors and partners for the 2nd East African Bicycle Tour (Tour D EAC 2017).

Tour d` EAC is the latest, longest and most ambitious undertaking in the East African Region. It’s not competitive in nature, yet, and all activities involved are aimed at promoting the EAC integration Agenda.

It is an initiative of idealistic young East Africans with diverse adventure background committed to the transformation of society through adventure through adventure learning/training programs. The group aims to inspire, equip and connect people through adventure. Their journey began in 2011 as active scouts. Since then they have worked with over 300 young people, students and corporate clients throughout East Africa. The group only provides adventure based outdoor programs under contract for individuals, families, government institutions, schools, churches, organizations and corporate companies and work with groups of as few of 2 to as many as 100 people.
Programs range in duration from just one day to thirty days and programs are run locally at the various locations with participants experiencing forests, rivers, caves, lakes, cliffs and mountains and villages tours.

Campfire Logs Guild participated in the just concluded #POATE2017, Uganda’s premier international tourism expo, which ended last Sunday night at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

A narrative from participants of the inaugural cycling tour last year can be found through the following web link:

More information can be accessed via of by visiting