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Anti-poaching gains in South Africa jeopardised by proposed domestic trade
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RhiNEWS_Title_left.jpg Feb 2017
Friday 03 March is World Wildlife Day, marking the anniversary of the date the CITES Treaty was signed, creating a legal framework to regulate the international trade in wildlife. CITES banned the international trade in rhino horn in 1977, but since 2009 demand for rhino horn by wealthy Vietnamese consumers has grown.

This year’s World Wildlife Day is themed around young people, and their role as the future custodians of our wildlife. So it’s fitting that 03 March also marks the release of Jake Dudman’s directorial debut, a short film titled "Save the Rhino Vietnam".

The film follows Jake and his godfather, the Arrow and 24 actor Paul Blackthorne, as they touch down in Hanoi, 2016, to launch the Save the Rhino Vietnam campaign with Save the Rhino and our partner NGO, Education for Nature-Vietnam.

Save the Rhino Vietnam, a short documentary, is available from this Friday via Jake’s YouTube channel. You can watch the trailer for the film here

Poaching declines in South Africa by 10.3%

In news announced on 27 February, South Africa has seen country-wide rhino poaching drop by 10.3% in 2016. But poaching in some areas outside Kruger National Park remains on the rise. A key concern for Save the Rhino is the proposed legalisation of the country’s domestic horn trade – which could prove completely unpoliceable.

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Support our London Marathon heroes

The London Marathon is the single biggest fundraising event of the year for Save the Rhino. This year our runners are getting creative with their fundraising!

Sophie Clarke has donatedtwo VIP tickets to Ed Sheeran’s sold-out show in London, with proceeds going to Save the Rhino. Meanwhile, Bryan Pietersen, Managing Director and owner of swish bar Purl London, has added a new cocktail "Give it Horns" to Purl’s menu. For every drink purchased, 50p will come to Save the Rhino.

If you’d like to show your appreciation for our team of rhino heroes, please do donate and help us beat last year’s total of more than £120,000 for rhino conservation across the globe.

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Thank you for supporting our appeal!

We’re delighted to share that we’ve raised an amazing £12,702.10 for the Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe from our Christmas appeal. Natasha Anderson, Rhino Monitoring Coordinator, explains how – thanks to your help – their black rhinos’ excellent breeding performance is helping the species move "baby steps forward."

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World Wildlife Day

03 March 2017

This year’s theme for the UN’s World Wildlife Day is "Listen to the young voices". At Save the Rhino, we know just how passionate kids are about conservation. But did you know that we’ve also got loads of fun resources for kids, from rhino sewing patterns to rhino quizzes?

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International Women’s Day

08 March 2016

Women are often the unsung heroes in conservation. Behind the scenes, the African Rhino Specialist Group, and many of the women involved, play a huge role in linking rangers and monitors on the ground with the best scientific and technical expertise. So who are its members, and how does it influence rhino conservation?

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Thanks to Victor Stationery

More than £70,000 raised for rhinos!

Victor Stationery is a dedicated long-term supporter of rhino conservation, having raised more than £70,000 to protect rhinos since 2006.

The company has partnered with Save the Rhino through their iconic Rhino Stationery range, that’s used by schools up and down the UK.

A huge thanks to the VS team for all their incredible support!

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New research published on China’s horn markets

Surprisingly, there is very little research conducted on who is actually buying rhino horn in China, and why.

Alex Kennaugh’s new research paper provides good evidence and insight into rhino horn in the Chinese black market, and the demographics of the consumers driving it. Long-term, it will help inform targeted marketing to change these consumers’ behaviour.

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