The ServicMag calls for your vote …


(Posted 02nd March 2017)

The ServiceMag celebrates and recognises individuals and organisations in the Service sector for delivering outstanding service experiences and demonstrating excellence. For several years now, The ServiceMag has regularly organised events to appreciate service champions.

This year, from March 01st to 08th, we are calling for nominations, through social and mainstream media, for women in the service sector in East Africa who are championing and promoting exceptional service delivery and, by extension, demonstrating visionary leadership in advancing the course of exemplary customer service in the region.

After nominations, 15 women will be selected representing their countries. Their stories will be featured both in platforms and regional media houses. They will also be awarded for championing service excellence in their countries.

By celebrating International Women’s day through this event, we seek to raise the East Africa’s service sector’s competitiveness by motivating organisations and individuals to create compelling experiences or adopt best practices. By organising this in Rwanda, we want Rwanda to be known as the Centre for Service Excellence in the region.

Said Sandra Idossou, the Publisher of the ServiceMag: ‘We thank you in advance for your usual cooperation and will appreciate if you could publish this on your media outlets‘.

Three simple steps to participate and nominate a woman of your choice:

1. Log on to

2. Pick a category

3. Nominate Extraordinary Women in the Service Industry in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.