Bathawk Recon Gets Ministerial Invite

Elephant survival organization gets recognized

(Posted 07th March 2017)

Bathawk Recon was invited last Thursday to a meeting of the Tanzania CEO Roundtable – a private sector lobbying group – to celebrate World Wildlife Day. CEO Roundtable meetings are traditionally high level discussions of key issues. And of course in Tanzania the poaching crisis is a key issue. With the Tanzanian economy’s dependency on tourism the issue is actually more than key: it’s live or die. Tanzanian tourism is absolutely dependent Wildlife.

Soon the discussion shifted away from World Wildlife Day and toward a discussion of how can the Private Sector help ensure Tanzania wins the war on poaching, save the tourism sector and prevent the economy from crashing. And as some expressed it, the choice is literally that stark.

Interestingly the solution to this problem came down clearly to the Private Sector Anti Poaching Anti Poaching Initiative. PSAPI should be the link that brings the energy of the private sector to the war on poaching. PSAPI of course is the organization Bathawk has been working with since 2014. The PSAPI team introduced Bathawk and the UAV Anti Poaching Service to the meeting and Mike Chambers, Bathawk Executive Director made a presentation – which was the only presentation the whole day concerning action, not inter entity dialogue. The meeting coalesced around Bathawk’s call to action and PSAPI came away as the anointed one.

If what PSAPI / BHR needs now is buy-in then look no further. The Minister called in Mike and the PSAPI team first thing after closing and invited them to his office for a detailed briefing. The equation seems to be: Good institutionally; plus good technology; plus good publicity: equals good politics!

Mike Chambers BHR Director handing a PSAPI document to the TPSF chairman Reginald Mengi (right) and the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism (center) Prof Jumanne Maghembe

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