Airbus test aircraft lands in Entebbe with humanitarian relief goods on board

Airbus Foundation and IFRC fly relief goods to Uganda

(Posted 09th March 2017)

The Airbus Foundation has used an Airbus A330 test aircraft to transport 17 tonnes of relief equipment and specialized water and sanitation equipment from East Midlands Airport, United Kingdom, to Entebbe, Uganda.
The goods are destined to assist the increasing number of refugees escaping the deteriorating conflict situation in South Sudan.
The humanitarian mission was organized jointly between the Airbus Foundation, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as well as the British and Uganda Red Cross Societies. The humanitarian cargo included a Mass Sanitation Emergency Response Unit provided by the British Red Cross. The unit will allow the Uganda Red Cross to provide sanitation to thousands of people living in a recently established refugee camp on the Uganda-South Sudan border.
Hundreds – at times thousands – of people are crossing into Uganda every day‘ said Robert Kwesiga, the Secretary General of the Uganda Red Cross Society. ‘For most, the journey has been harrowing and long. They have only been able to get out at night out of fear for their safety. When they arrive, they are exhausted and traumatized, and many are malnourished. These supplies will help local Red Cross volunteers to respond effectively and efficiently, and will help them to provide people with clean water and basic sanitation and prevent disease outbreaks‘.

With the increasing conflict in South Sudan forcing more refugees to flee, the region has spiralled into a humanitarian catastrophe in Africa. The IFRC called upon us for help to provide an Airbus test aircraft in order to pick up the relief goods and fly them to Uganda‘ said Fabrice Brégier, President Airbus Commercial Aircraft and a member of the Airbus Foundation’s Board of Directors. ‘We are pleased to be able to support and bring our logistical aid to the Ugandan Red Cross so they can help vulnerable people in the refugee camp‘.
The South Sudanese refugee population in Uganda has more than tripled in six months to almost 720,000, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Since December 2013, more than 1.5 million people have left South Sudan seeking safety in neighbouring countries while the families of their rival political leaders live large lives in the posh estates of Kampala, Nairobi and other African capitals.