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110 passengers land, take off from Kaduna Airport with Ethiopian Airline Boeing 787 Vanguard
Ethiopian Airlines – The flight which became the first international airline to use the airport following the closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport… Read more>>


Top 8 Places To Visit in Cameroon Face2FaceAfrica
With more than 230 vernacular languages and plenty of natural and artificial landmarks, Cameroon is undoubtedly a preferred choice for most travelers who want to experience the real African Safari… Read more>>

Ethiopia: What Accor Hotels’ Massive Investment Entails About Ethiopian Tourism All Africa
Ethiopia has made a history, shifting the gear of its economy to industry and tourism; the two sectors are untapped. The country’s… Read more>>

First Kenya’s SGR train makes Nairobi-Mombasa trip in 6 hours Construction Review Online
First Kenya’s SGR train has made its first journey from Nairobi to Mombasa taking around 6 hours using a passenger train which left Nairobi at 9.30am and arrived at the Mombasa… Read more>>