Chris Diaz becomes the first African to be nominated for a ‘Markie Award’


(Posted 11th March 2017)

In November last year did Chris Diaz, the outgoing Director of Marketing for Kenya Airways, put his country on the map when he made it into the top 100 global marketeers, aka the Hall of Fame of Marketing.
Now has Chris made it to the shortlist, for the first time ever that an African marketer has been so honoured, of the ‘Markie Awards‘ which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in April this year.

See the announcement as it was made on the following Vimeo clip via

Chris has served as Kenya Airways’ Director of Marketing for almost five years at a time when the airline flew into heavy financial turbulence and yet did he and his team make sure that the ‘Pride of Africa‘ consistently punched above their actual weight through ingenious marketing campaigns and by keeping the airline visible on social media platforms.
Below is the category in which Chris Diaz has been nominated:

Modern Marketing Leader of the Year

  • BT – Nicola Jones
  • Juniper – Mike Marcellin
  • Kenya Airways – Chris Diaz
  • L&TInfotech – Peeyush Dubey
  • O2 – Paul Stevenson

Win or not win, Chris, simply by being nominated as Africa’s first marketer finalist in this prestigious award ceremony, has become a winner already and in his future assignment – details will be shared here in a few days – this will stand his country Kenya and himself of course very good.