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March 2017 – May 2017
Hi Wolfgang,

Through the Pearly Sands to Mnemba
The drive from Nungwi to the point where we will cross over to Mnemba island takes place on market day. It’s not yet noon, the sun is already…..

In the Brier at Chaka
She gets up, languid, looking away, seemingly unconcerned but for the twitch in her ear and almost imperceptible wriggle of her nostril. The cub doesn’t protest but tries to…..

Walk Wild from Kicheche’s Valley
A dust cloud flies off the heel of Mika’s tyre-sandaled foot, pairing Peter’s booted stride ahead. I stretch my neck, matching the two…..

Dream time in Solio

Between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range is a valley…

Raptor Refuge at Lake Naivasha

Among many African communities, owls are viewed as birds…

Escaping to Kinondo Kwetu

I had been wanting to get to Kinondo Kwetu, Diani Beach many times…

A Delectable Vegetable

Some say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It has been scientifically…

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