South Sudan raises aviation service fees


(Posted 20th March 2017)

While reporting about a plane crash in the South Sudanese town of Wau, did other related information come to light about a massive hike in landing charges for international airlines flying to Juba.
Information just received speaks of 4.000 US Dollars per aircraft landing while parking fees are now US Dollars 420.
The airport tax for international passengers, according to the source passing the information from Juba, is now pegged at 122 US Dollars.
The South Sudanese government, broke since the outbreak of civil strife and the failure of the Addis Ababa peace accord, has been desperately trying to raise revenues, among the measure a 10.000 US Dollar work permit fee for professional foreign employees such as bank managers, also described at the time by the private sectors from across Eastern Africa as counterproductive as it would only lead to the rapid withdrawal of companies from South Sudan, leaving an already free falling economy in further tatters.
The measures taken to raise aviation fees is likely to further drive fares to Juba up and some airlines are expected to reduce flights in response to the new charges which are effective with immediate effect.