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(Posted 25th March 2017)

Bathawk’s Team wanted to reach out and put straight any questions readers may have about Bathawk in the media this last ten days or two weeks.
On the one hand was the organization presented to the National “CEO Club” and got a bit of local coverage and an invite to the Tanzanian minister of Natural Resources and Tourism.
On the other hand the New York Times ran an article about a South African company flying “Bat Hawks” in Malawi. Needless to say with the NYT involved a lot of queries, especially from American supporters arose of the kind: ‘Have you moved to South Africa? Are you flying in Malawi?

No, Bathawk Recon is in Tanzania with a eye steady on the target of conceiving and deploying the most effective UAV anti poaching Service in Africa and maybe the world. To achieve that are they working hard to even better relate to Government, brain storming with ex Special Forces to get effective operational plans and investigate to find the best and most appropriate technology.

Bathawk ran three trials, one for the DT-18, one for the DT-26 and one for the DT-50. Any interested party can get in touch and ask for a trial report. We connect with intelligence experts on how to collect, store and collate data to use downstream. If anyone think about it in any depth it is obvious one needs to get these right to do to get the job done right.

Bathawk had however reached out a year or so ago to the partners of the RSA team but they didn’t seem inclined to share or be party of these efforts. From the article in the New York Times one simply can’t tell if they have made any progress apart of course for the very cool name they took from the Tanzanian organization!

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  1. Hello Wolfgang
    I think if you check with the SA owners of the BatHawk light sports aircraft, you will find that they were long in existence before the TZ name was hatched.

    Please keep us posted

  2. Dear All,

    Just a correction on the above article. As mentioned Bathawk recon and Bat Hawk Aircraft are two completely separate and unrelated businesses.

    The Bat Hawk is the ultimate surveillance platform and operated in most of the major Parks throughout Africa. These aircraft are involved in day to day reconaissence and anti-poaching missions. They have been responsible for hundreds of arrests, thousands of deterred poachers and countless carcass locating.

    These are not trials or dreams but everyday realities.

    The Bat Hawk company started in 2003 and has sold over 400 aircraft to date. Both Bantams and Bat Hawks.

    We have no problem with Bathawk recon using the name we chose 14 years ago as we are fighting the same fight. At least we are supposed to be.

    Derek Macpherson operates the Bat Hawk under his company Cluny Safari Company. He does mainly Aerial Surveillance and animal counts but also anti-poaching. He is one of the worlds leading experts in this field.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions regarding our aircraft.

    All the best,
    Terry Pappas
    Bat Hawk Aircraft

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