Expect a culinary surprise at Sovereign Suites in Limuru


(Posted 30th March 2017)

A few days ago I mentioned that a number of articles dedicated to travel across our region will be forthcoming and before I embark on my next escapades across East Africa I now hasten to make good of this promise.


My regular visits to Kenya allow me to explore and discover, some places new and some places more familiar yet always good for a surprise or two when it comes to innovations and new offerings.

(Sun Africa’s Group Executive Chef Dario Aloisio)

It was at Sovereign Suites where I met Sun Africa’s Group Executive Chef Dario Aloisio and he had much to tell about his menu plans for SAH’s present flagship property, located in the hills of Limuru outside the capital Nairobi.

The two main dining venues, the outside terrace and the indoor fine dining restaurant, now named Queens Terrace and Royal Dining, non only got new names but new menus too and the fine dining one caught my attention.

Chef Dario however not only discussed food and his approach to making the best use of Kenya’s fresh and organic ingredients, seafood, lake fish and of course meat, but also let me sample a few courses, small portions of course or I would have burst my trousers at the seams.

From ‘bitings’, compliments of the chef to my soup over a salad did the culinary road lead to several main courses to sample from, just a bite each, to leave space for what was yet to come, and of course then topped by a desserts which melted in what space was left in my stomach.

Dario showed off his culinary art, seafood, fish, poultry and meats in that order and from course to course did my delight rise as the next course topped the one served previously.

Let is suffice to say that getting up from my dining chair took some effort as did my walk up the curving stairway from the reception to the upper floor where my suite was located.

Before leaving the next day and after indulging in a very late breakfast consisting of Egg Benedict – rated 9 out of 10 – did I skip lunch and rather enjoyed the High Tea now of offer at the Sovereign Suites, ideal for those wanting to get out of the city for a private meeting and away from prying eyes.

The offerings at ‘High Tea‘ included a range of bitings, pastries and cakes and can be described as impressive. In fact is High Tea almost a complete meal, outside regular lunch and dinner hours but just as well presented and served as every other meal I enjoyed during my two day stay.

It is understood that Sovereign will in coming weeks move towards the completion of a new city property in the Hurlingham area of Nairobi and needless to say, you can look forward to a review upon opening of their latest baby, making it 7 properties under their ownership and management across the country, from Mombasa to Lake Naivasha and from the Masai Mara to Lake Baringo, where the new Lake Baringo Club is taking shape.