Kenya Airways launches ‘Air Pass’


(Posted 31st March 2017)

Kenya Airways, in collaboration with Optiontown, presents their new product Flight Pass that allows passengers to conveniently pre-purchase flights at a very low cost and book flights later when they want to travel. The more credits one buys, the cheaper it gets.
No matter where or how often a passenger flies, the Flight Pass allows them to minimize their total flying costs by locking-in a low fare and avoiding future fare increases.
With an easy installment plan, a passenger may pay only 20% upfront and rest later when he or she travels.
Travelers can include all their favorite destinations in a single Flight Pass and share it with their family, friends or colleagues. Flight Pass will also save them time and energy in searching fares and booking.
There are no black-out dates or hidden restrictions nor are there any additional fees. A travelers can book any flight that is available for purchase till the last unsold seat, irrespective of available fare class, subject to the advance booking limit and flight pass terms.
Currently, one can buy the Flight Pass for all Kenya domestic and East African routes for both economy and business class. In the future, Kenya Airways plans to expand the program to the rest of the Kenya Airways destinations in Africa, Europe, Middle-East and India.
With Flight Pass, a passenger can Fly more, Pay up to 50% less, save time & effort in trip planning and booking, and enhance the travel convenience, a completely different experience altogether!

Flight Pass benefits
Cheapest and most convenient way to fly!
KQ_Benifits_1_Icon_FPo.png Fly More, Pay Less (up to 50% off)
Save up to 50% on flight costs. No need to worry about fare increase as your low fare is locked-in.
KQ_Benifits_2_Icon_FPo.png Personalized for you
Customize your favorite destinations, number of flights, number of users, travel period, etc. to suit your needs.
KQ_Benifits_3_Icon_FPo.png Book last available seat
Enjoy the luxury to book any flight until the last available seat subject to your advance booking limit. No hidden restrictions or fees.
KQ_Benifits_4_Icon_FPo.png Pay only 20% and rest later
Just pay 20% upfront and rest later in easy installments.
KQ_Benifits_5_Icon_FPo.png Pool and Share
Share your flight pass with friends, family or colleagues.
KQ_Benifits_6_Icon_FPo.png Most convenient way to book and fly
Make your booking & travel experience more convenient and relaxed. Save time and effort in searching flight deals and booking.
KQ_Benifits_7_Icon_FPo.png More vacations, more family trips, more savings
Cheapest, yet most convenient way to travel more and more for fun or pleasure.
KQ_Benifits_8_Icon_FPo.png Most cost efficient way for business travel
Book flights at last minute, manage travel online, share flight pass across all employees and earn maximum savings.

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  1. Hi,
    We’d like to fly with in Kenya from Nairobi to Masi Mara and from Lake Nukuru to Amboseil. Will this pass be valid?
    Thank you!

    1. Flights to the Masai Mara originate at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport
      and are operated by companies like Safarilink, Air Kenya and a few
      others. Kenya Airways, the national airline, does not fly to these
      domestic destinations. Amboseli too can be reached from Wilson
      Airport by scheduled flights but Nakuru would require a charter
      as no scheduled services land at the airstrip.
      Thanks for reading my blog.