Safari Classic Rally 2017 News Updates

Updates on the East African Safari Classic Rally

Here is the third newsletter for the Safari Classic Rally 2017: our entry list continues to grow and shipping details are now available!
Welcome to the third newsletter for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally. We hope you enjoy reading our latest news. Feel free to email pictures of your preparations for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally through to media for inclusion in the next edition. Please contact us with any questions: we look forward to hearing from you!
Entry list continues to grow for 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally
New entries continue to arrive for this year’s Safari Classic Rally. Amongst the latest additions to the official entry list for this year’s event are our friends from Poland, the NAC rally team with a Mercedes 350 SLC rally car replacing the 450 SLC that took part in 2015.

The choice of smaller Mercedes V8 engine is an interesting one. Mariusz from the NAC team tells us that testing is going well and has sent us some video of the car in action (see below). The high level intake is an interesting addition and the car looks lighter on its wheels with the increased ground clearance.

It’s always exciting to watch new rally cars being put through their paces: we can’t wait to see it back in Africa! Share your preparations: email us here!

NAC Rally Team - Mercedes 350 SLC - testy
Watch the NAC Rally Team’s all new Mercedes 350 SLC rally car in testing!
Shipping Details now online
Competitor information update number two is now available for download on the Safari Classic website, with information on final shipping dates and other specifications for cars being sent to Mombasa using our partners at WEC Lines (click here to download).

The latest dates of shipping from Europe are circa September 20. It may be better if cars are shipped a little earlier, but this may result in additional storage charges in Mombasa if earlier than four weeks. Contact us with any questions.

Official Rally Tour and Safari
The official East African Safari Classic Rally tour is an amazing opportunity to experience the awesome splendour of African landscapes and wildlife. It also affords plenty of time to watch the rally action unfolding on the world’s toughest historic motorsport event.

Few experiences compare to exploring the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania by following the legendary Safari Classic Rally through some of our planet’s most famous wildlife reserves and ecological wonders. Our official tour is a truly memorable East African experience.

Download details of the official Rally Tour and Safari here. Contact us for more information.

Rally Cars for Hire
Malcolm Destro has emailed to let us know about his Datsun 260Z, which is available to hire for this year’s Safari Classic Rally. "This car has an impressive record of finishes and is available as a turn-key package for the 2017 event," says Malcolm.

  • 2015 Safari Classic: 16th overall/second-placed Datsun
  • 2013 Safari Classic: 14th overall and Meritorious Award
  • 2013 KCB Safari Rally: 2nd position

"The car will be backed up with an extensive spares package, management crew, service team, service equipment and vehicles. This 260Z is based in Kenya and the driver/navigator options are flexible, if local expertise is required."

Email Malcolm here or call +254 727817017 for further details.

Escorts for hire (or for sale)

Our friend Bobby Sehmi at the Performance Auto Centre in Nairobi has classic Mk 1 and Mk2 Ford Escorts prepared to Group 4 specification available to hire (or for sale) for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally. Call Bobby on +254 722 527215 during normal office hours or email him here to discuss.

New Tracking System tested on Route Survey
Our recent route surveys for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally through Kenya and Tanzania included rigorous testing of a brand new Tag Heuer tracking system.

Tracking was monitored both ‘live’ and from a central control office, based in Portugal. Testing proved the tracking system connection and system coverage to be reliable over more than 99% of the provisional route: an excellent result. The tracking system features the familiar emergency button, while an integrated vehicle proximity warning system as debuted in 2015 is currently in development.

We are confident that this year’s tracking system will further improve on the highly-regarded system used in 2013. This system was the overwhelming favourite amongst competitors on recent Safari Classic rallies, but sadly it is now no longer available.

Photos by Ishy Renu Photography
Stefano Rocca’s Safari Entry: a classic Datsun HLS30/240Z
Italy’s Stefano Rocca has competed on a number of Safari rallies and several Safari Classic rallies too. Stefano and co-driver, Piers Daykin, have been preparing a Datsun HLS 30/240Z for the 2017 running of the world’s toughest historic motorsport event.

Relating to pre-1973 Datsun Z models, HLS30 is a famous chassis number prefix in Safari Rally history. Offering strong power in a nimble chassis, the 240Z did well in rallying. Driven by Edgar Hermann and Hans Schuller, the number 11 car seen above finished first overall in the 1971 Safari Rally. Nissan’s Heritage Collection also includes the Safari-winning car from 1973, which was driven by Shekhar Mehta and Lofty Drews.

This great photo (below) by Eric Santos shows Stefano’s HLS30 in a similar pose on the recent Top Fry 100 rally. Sadly, the 240Z was forced to retire in unfortunate circumstances.

"The body shell was purchased in the US, but the car has been built 100% in Kenya," says Stefano. "Early preparation to rally standard was done with the help of Mike Mwangi, a very good mechanic who has been working all his life with John and Lee Rose, in Nakuru.

"After the preliminary construction, we built our own workshop in Timau (Nanyuki) and, with Piers Daykin who, in addition to being an extremely good and skilled mechanic is also my navigator, we have developed it to a very high standard: it is state of the art.

"We tried the car at the Baringo Classic Rally during December 2016 and were very satisfied. Unfortunately, the engine melted in the middle of the fourth competitive section because of fake V Power fuel purchased at a gas station in Nakuru."

The engine damage has now been repaired and the car will soon be back to full health. We look forward to seeing it on the Safari Classic Rally later this year!

Send us your story

We love to hear how our competitors and their crews came to Safari and the stories of your preparations and ambitions. We look forward to sharing all photos and stories across our channels between now and the start of the rally. Send your Safari stories to media.

Download the latest rally bulletins
For those interested in attending the 2017 Safari Classic Rally or taking part in the event, there is plenty of information available to download on our website.

The full Rally Regulations and the Official Entry Form for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally are both available for download here.

Other downloads include updates to the rally regulations, information on hotel upgrades, details of shipping to Mombasa with our partners and technical waiver request forms.

Email us with any questions regarding our rally or to discuss the 2017 event.

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