Seychelles and Kenya to cooperate in tourism developments


(Posted 04th April 2017)

President Faure congratulates Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vucic following election win

President Danny Rollen Faure ended this two day State Visit to Kenya yesterday, returning to the Seychelles with good news for the country.
Among several agreements reached with the Kenyan government were deals covering tourism cooperation, fishing cooperation, security cooperation to keep the Indian Ocean waters safe and shipping lanes secure and a deal to cooperate in agricultural developments including the importation of beef and poultry products from Kenya.
Notably will opportunities be given the Kenyan teachers to come to the Seychelles and teach there as educational cooperation too was advanced.
The two tourism boards, Kenya Tourism and Seychelles Tourism, will also move closer together to explore common interests, largely seen in establishing cruise links between the ports of Victoria and Mombasa.
The concept of two centre holidays, combining the ‘Big Five‘ with the ‘Best Five‘ was developed some time ago already for tourists to sample Kenya’s safari parks before flying to the Seychelles and explore the archipelago’s beaches and marine parks.
This was the first State Visit to Kenya by President Faure who wished President Kenyatta and the people of Kenya well ahead of the upcoming elections.