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"Just borrow a camel"

What happens when conservancy elders, many of whom have had very little formal education, meet corporate leadership training?

Find out how conservancy management is being transformed

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Rescue of Sera Rhino Calf

A black rhino calf, only the second to be born in Sera Rhino Sanctuary, has had to be rescued after his mother abandoned him.

Find out what happened

Clarifying misconceptions

In the light of significant misinformation in the press and social media, NRT would like to clarify some frequent misconceptions and facts about NRT and our member community conservancies. NRT’s headquarters is well known locally, and we welcome any enquiries about our work.

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"Times are tough for wildlife. So me and my team scooped several water points along the dry Ewaso River. It didn’t take long for the elephants to come." Chris Lekupe, manager of Westgate Conservancy
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Boris Johnson Visits Lewa & NRT

UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson, with David Lekoomet (right) the new Chairman of the NRT Council of Elders, and Michael Hamena (left) Chairman of Nakuprat-Gotu Community Conservancy.

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