Tour D’ EAC 2017 taking shape


(Posted 07th April 2017)

The nine sections of the Tour D’ EAC 2017 have now been ‘named‘ by the organizers of the event.
The tour will cover all five East African Community member states and will commence and end in Kampala after the participants will have cycled through Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and then back into Uganda.
The Nile Stalk will see the race kick off in Kampala and move to the border with Kenya in Busia before The Longnote Sketch will take the cyclists from Busia to Nairobi.
Masai Mara Plains is the name given to the section from Nairobi to Arusha and from there will the Zenjithropous Discovery lead on to the Tanzania coast and Dar es Salaam.
Kazuramimba is the destination of the section named Sector Bigobyamugeni before Bujumbura comes into sight at the end of section Face Off Tanganyika.
The section from the Burundi capital to Kigali is aptly named The Virgin Hills Challenge before the last two sections take the riders to the Ugandan town of Mubende along the Dare the Gorilla Trail before the home stretch to Kampala then concludes the race under the name Nakayima Wonders.
Read all about the event in coming weeks when the organizers release additional information about registration, the race codes and most important sponsorship opportunities to meet the expenses of East Africa’s most extensive cycling tour.

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