Colobus Conservation fundraising gets a boost by Jonathan Scott


(Posted 09th April 2017)

Safarilink, Kenya’s leading ‘bush airline’, has been supporting the Colobus Conservation project in Diani for many years. In fact is John Buckley, CEO of the airline, also the chairman of Colobus Conservation and only a day ago did it emerge that he persuaded Jonathan Scott, one of Kenya’s most acclaimed wildlife photographers producer of the ‘Big Cat Diary‘ to launch a public appeal for more funding support for Colobus Conservation.

Jonathan and Angie Scott live in Kenya and spend much of their time in the company of African wildlife. Their wildlife photography, wildlife pencil drawings, and wildlife books have won awards and recognition throughout the word while their stock images are represented by many of the world’s top photographic agencies. The Scotts have dedicated much of their lives to wildlife conservation and are patrons of a number of wildlife conservation societies. Since 2012, they have been supporting Colobus Conservation.

As conservationists, we welcomed the opportunity to join hands with a local conservation initiative that we know has made a significant difference to the welfare of one of Kenya’s most charismatic primates – the exquisitely-marked Angolan colobus. The organisation pioneered the innovative construction of flexible ladders, which are strung across the roads of Diani at treetop height to cut down on road kills. They also prompted the insulation of some of the deadly power lines, which are taking a heavy toll on the population of colobus in this country‘ said Jonathan & Angie Scott

Watch Jonathan make his appeal and dig into your pockets or swipe your credit card in support of what has become the only hope for survival at the Diani coast and beyond for the indigenous colobus populations and other monkey species.For added information click on