Nyamu embarks on another ‘Elephant Walk’


(Posted 09th April 2017)

Jim Nyamu is ‘on the road again‘ in the truest sense of the word. Last year he completed a spectacular feat, walking across the Eastern African countries to create awareness of the plight of the African elephants in our region and after walking thousands of kilometres returned to Nairobi and a hero’s welcome.
Now it Marsabit the destination of his latest venture after he set out from Nairobi and will walk through several counties like Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri, Laikipia, Meru, Isiolo, Samburu before reaching Marsabit in an estimated 31 days from now. The theme of the walk was given as ‘Ivory Belongs To Elephants Marsabit Walk‘.
Before embarking on the journey, which was flagged off by the Irish Ambassador to Kenya Vincent O’Neill did Jim say: ‘During this walk, we shall be talking to various communities, mostly who are living with elephants, particularly in Mt. Kenya region where there are issues to do with human-wildlife conflict
The walk will lead through the Laikipia region of Kenya which has been under siege by criminals posing as cattle herders but who caused wanton destruction on conservancies, ranches and farms with over 30 people killed, half a dozen high end tourist lodges looted, burned and destroyed and great damage being done to Kenya’s reputation abroad.
Kenya’s elephant population has reduced over the past 20 odd years from over 130.000 in 1995 to just about 25.000 during the last major game count.
Jim also said that over 80 per cent of Kenya’s elephants are found outside protected areas and over nearly 80 per cent of poaching incidents take place is outside the protected areas.
We want to collect the views of Kenyans on how to conserve wildlife and mitigate human-wildlife conflict and how to reduce poaching within their regions‘ he then added.
Nyamu, who has been an elephant activist in Kenya for the past two decades has walked over 5000 kms raising awareness on the plight of elephant and rhino poaching.

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