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Where Is Government? Why Do They Allow This Chaos?
Asks a Laikipian citizen in pursuit of political office….
The failure of County and National government to address the livestock incursions into Laikipia and neighbouring counties has now reached disproportionate dimensions. We’ll soon find out if their moves are too little too late. None of the earlier inter-county meetings to forestall this situation were followed up. The mayhem, the loss of life, the loss of property, and the wanton destruction of farms big and small is overwhelming. We hear that up to 500 farming and pastoralist families have been affected or displaced.

The Laikipia County Government and the Governor have been particularly unresolved on the point, as local government tries to decide between law and order and votes.

As we travel Laikipia, working on issues of water conservation and management, working with the NDMA to distribute food supplements to community breeding stock, or attempt to get the attention of KWS to stop marauding elephants eating crops and granaries far from their forest refuge, we are asked by members – "Where is the government? Why do they allow this chaos?"

These are just some of the issues impacting our County…
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Elephants Aren’t Always Such Friendly Giants …
Residents of Marmanet prepare to smoke out elephants in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep
“ It was a Friday night around 10:00pm in Marmanet, West Laikipia. I was at that point of falling into a deep sleep when screams rang out, followed by the banging of metal objects. More screams and more unpleasant noises quickly followed. At that point, my mind was racing! This town that was completely foreign to me, might just be the last town I would ever explore. Surely outsiders must have come in and were now on a rampage! My first thought…hide the little valuable items I have. I then left my room to find my colleague, Moses, to assure him that all would be well. I was ready to stand on the front line to make sure that we got out of this situation…whatever that situation was.

I found Moses already in the car. He was cool and extremely calm. “Let’s go and help them”, he said. … Keep reading | Leave a comment

Water Rules Tighten
As Illegal Abstractions Continue
Burguret WRUA members discuss measures to be taken to ensure water flows reach the confluence of Ewaso Ng’iro River
In February this year, the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) together with the Water Resources Authority (WRA) and Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs) embarked on a mission to make Laikipia’s rivers flow again. Their collaboration yielded encouraging results, with about 60 per cent of our rivers recording good flows. WRUAs that closed abstractions so that other water users downstream can receive some water must be congratulated. These WRUAs are Timau, Likii, Nanyuki, Burguret, Upper Ewaso Ng’iro and Ngobit Rivers.
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Drought Relief For Livestock Finds Its Way To Laikipia Through Community-Driven
Drought Management
Cows finding their way to conservancies for food
The on going drought in Kenya continues to have devastating effects on human, wildlife and livestock populations in Laikipia. In an effort to bring temporary relief for the County’s livestock, the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) in Laikipia, together with LWF and Borana, Lolldaiga and Ol Jogi conservancies began distributing cattle food supplements to cows from pastoralist communities in their neighbourhoods in order to ease the effects of the drought on their breeding cattle. You will recall that this plan was part of an on going negotiation and planning exercise supported by conservancies, group ranches, LWF and the NDMA that started in September 2016.

NDMA and LWF delivered approximately 50,000kgs (1,000 bags) of livestock food supplements in March 2017 to communities that have been hit hardest by the drought. This represented the first drought relief consignment and more is expected in April. … Keep reading | Leave a comment

Laikipia Sustainable Tourism
The Strength Of Private Sector Community Gets Real
Members of the New LTA meet to discuss the way forward for the Association
Sustainable tourism is all about a commitment to doing business that benefits us financially, environmentally, socially, and culturally. It’s business that respects people and the environment in which we live and operate. And it seeks strong Public-Private-Partnerships.
Private sector tourism in Laikipia has taken a strong move forward. Earlier this month, our county tourism service providers approved the formation of the Laikipia Tourism Association (LTA) – a collection of all types of tourism facilities and providers in the County with the aim of becoming the number one sustainable tourism destination in East Africa. A Managing Committee of the LTA was appointed… Keep reading | Leave a comment
In case you missed it;
Introducing Stanley Twerandu Kirimi
MKEWP’s Coordinator.
Stanley Twerandu Kirimi was appointed Coordinator of the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership in February 2017. Kirimi is a Civil Engineer who started his career in the Ministry of Water and worked in various capacities. He later served as Deputy Engineer in charge of Water; then the Municipal Engineer for Meru Council, and Procurement Manager at Magadi Soda Co LTD.
He also has working experience in general private sector management with companies and organisations from the UK, Norway and Australia.Throughout his career, Karimi has been involved in local water projects as this, including water engineering is where his passion strongly lies. He is also currently the Chairman of Ewaso Ngiro River Basin Forum, Likii WRUA, and Kiranga Water Project.

You can reach Stanley on stanley.karimi for more information about MKEWP and what the Partnership is addressing during this period of water crisis.

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