Seychelles names date for Carnival and rebrands as ‘Laserenad Enternasyonal Sesel’


(Posted 11th April 2017)

October the 28th has been named as the day when the ‘Carnaval de Carnivals – the Carnival International de Victoria‘ will be staged this year as part of the October festivities planned for the annual ‘Festival Kreol‘.
The name of the carnival is also changing to ‘Laserenad Enternasyonal Sesel‘ as part of the rebranding and change from the previous dates in April every year.
This year’s Festival Kreol will run for the entire month of October with a range of activities taking place but heating up towards the end of the month when various larger scale events are scheduled to take place.
It is not known at this stage if the carnival, as done last year, will return to the island of Praslin where hopes were high for a mini parade of their own allowing Pralinoise unable to travel to Mahe to also get a glimpse at the international groups performing during the main carnival parade.
It is expected that the interest from around the world to participate in the Seychelles carnival remains high and will not be affected by the change of dates or the combination with the Festival Kreol.
More details are awaited in due course about the carnival troupes signed up for the event and programme elements in which the international media will be able to cover over and above the main parade.
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